The Benefits of Wrestling

The Benefits:

  • Wrestling is an anaerobic exercise that increases endurance.

  • Wrestling improves flexibility.

  • Wrestlers learn to eat healthy with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

  • Wrestling increases speed, quickness, coordination, and balance.

  • Injuries in wrestling are less debilitating than in other sports.

  • Wrestling emphasizes team work and individual dedication.

  • You'll never be in better shape in your life.

  • It's the best kept secret in college admissions.

  • It's the best non-violent self-defense training you'll ever get.

  • It puts mental toughness and a fearless, confident attitude in your life.

What Parents Say:

Jack's mom:  When I suggested that maybe wrestling was too rough, Jack told me "I'm not quitting and if you won't take me, I will walk in short sleeves all the way even if it is freezing cold."

Another parent:  He really likes wrestling and looks forward to the days he has it!

James' parent:  Yesterday was a great experience for James. Thanks for all you are doing with this program.

Luke's mom:   My husband and I both feel that being a part of wrestling this season has really been a great experience for Luke. Thank you so much for all the work you put into coaching the boys this season.

Zack's Parent:  Thank you for the amazing job you are doing!  Zack isn't naturally athletic and is more of a math kid than sports- but your encouragement and your desire for them to really understand the game and the strategy has really been wonderful for him and he is really enjoying it!  Thanks again!

Tommy's parent:  Tommy is so excited for wrestling tonight! It's all he has talked about the last few days. He even practices wall sits at home :)

Charlie's parent:  Charlie is loving it and you are keeping me sane by running this program.

Another parent:  You've been so informative and a great communicator throughout the season! Thanks Coach!

Another parent:  You have done a great job with this club!  It's one of the best programs the boys have ever been in.  So thank you very much for your hard work, dedication and passion.  We can't wait until next season!